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From 2009-2014 over 30,000 police officers were injured in the line of duty, requiring time away from work for recovery.  These wounded officers often receive little support other than traditional medical care for their injuries. Guiding Our Finest Foundation was established to provide guided outdoors experiences to officers wounded in the line of duty to help restore some level of normalcy and show them that the community has not forgotten their sacrifice.

Guiding Our Finest Foundation is a non-profit organization, 501(c)(3), that coordinates with professional guide services to provide guided hunting and fishing trips to wounded officers.  All expenses related to the trip; travel, lodging, licenses, etc. are provided by the foundation at no expense to the officer.

This outreach provides officers with the ability to recharge and connect with nature to aid in their recovery (both from physical and mental injuries sustained in the line of duty).  Guiding Our Finest Foundation knows that we can never adequately express our thanks to these officers and this service is the least we can do for somebody who has given so much to protect our communities.

All services provided by the foundation are funded by donations and are managed by a volunteer board of directors.  Guiding Our Finest Foundation is committed to sound financial management, ensuring that our program is making the largest impact for as many wounded officers as possible.

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